14 Home Office Paint Colors That Will Help Boost Productivity in Your Workspace

By Caroline Biggs
Caroline Biggs
14 Best Home Office Paint Colors, According to Experts
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Chocolate Brown

deep brown painted office
Courtesy of Kristina Phillips Interior Design

If you’re looking for a classic paint color to coat your home office, try a chocolate brown hue, says Kristina Phillips of Kristina Phillips Interior Design. “Deeper, more saturated paint colors add depth and gravitas, two important elements when conducting business,” she says. And when paired with white trim, your space will have even more of a crisp, tailored look. Consider an option like Benjamin Moore’s Chocolate Candy Brown, shown here.

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Bright Blue

deep blue painted wall in home office
KatarzynaBialasiewicz / GETTY IMAGES

A bright blue color, like Sherwin-Williams’ Blue Peacock, is another great option. “Especially when working in a creative field, [this] is a sophisticated twist to the standard blue or green,” says Phillips. “And this notable color makes for a great Zoom background.”

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Warm Gray-Beige

gray office space
Getty / imaginima

If you have trouble focusing while working from home, paint your office in a rich, comforting shade of beige-gray to help stop your mind from wandering, says Sue Wadden, director of color marketing at Sherwin-Williams. “Fawn Brindle SW 7640 is a lovely warm gray-beige that will calm the mind and help you focus on the tasks of the day,” she says. “Plus, it goes with everything, so it will fade right into the background behind your other office décor.”

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Dark Blue

floor to ceiling navy blue wall shelving book case with yellow couch
Jennifer Hughes

If you’re scared to commit to a dark paint color in a highly trafficked area of your home, an office or study is a great alternative, says Nivara Xaykao, color marketing and development expert at Benjamin Moore. “A dark, muted blue, like Blue Note 2129-30, can really distinguish a workspace and give it a special, luxurious quality that you’ll want to return to,” she says. “Dark colors also provide a great backdrop for computer monitors or TVs because they can both minimize visual distractions, as well as camouflage these media items a bit.”

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Warm White

plaid chair at wooden desk in home office
Haris Kenjar

A little warm white paint goes a long way towards grounding your home office, says Patrick O’Donnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball. “If you want limited visual distraction and a ‘clean’ space, try a warm white such as Orange Coloured White,” O’Donnell says. “This will bring just a hint of warmth to a room, and works especially well if your home office is north facing.”

Warm off-whites, such as Dove Wing OC-18, work great too, says Hannah Yeo, the color marketing and development manager at Benjamin Moore. “[They] are soft and easy on the eyes,” she says. “They also make a great backdrop color to decorate with to spark creativity.”

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Earthy Green

earth green office
Getty / Westend61

To set a calming tone for your workspace, paint your home office a subdued shade of muted green, says Erika Woelfel, a color expert at Behr Paint. “Quiet, relaxed hues are soothing and versatile, and most importantly, aren’t distracting,” she says. “A shade like Jojoba (N390-3) will provide a comforting canvas for however you might want to decorate or configure the room.”

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Soft Pink

Aaron Dyer

Believe it or not, our experts say some shades of pink are more than just pretty to look at. “Warmer hues, such as peach and soft corals, are known to help improve focus and boost concentration and creativity, which is perfect for a home office area,” Gibbons says. “A soft pink like Wing It or even a punchier hue like Pop [both from Clare] can provide an inspiring atmosphere for a home office setting.”

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Coral and Peach

organized desk
Rachel Mae Smith

If you have a creative career or are otherwise visually inspired at work, a bold, playful shade of coral pink or peach is a must, says Wadden. “Coral Reef SW 6606 [from Sherwin-Williams] is a vibrant pink that will help keep your energy up throughout the day,” she says. “Simple white accents let the color shine, but it also works well with glamorous gold finishes or toned down with natural woods.”

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modern office with yellow accent wall
Getty / poligonchik

Bright and stimulating, yellow wall paint is a foolproof way to liven up an uninspired home office. “A yellow hue, like Charismatic [from Behr], is sure to brighten up your workspace,” says Woelfel. “It infuses energy and optimism into a room to enhance creativity.”

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True Green

green office
Getty / KatarzynaBialasiewicz

Green can be calming and it can also be energizing—something you need when deadlines approach. “A bright, jazzy green, like Alexandrite SW 0060 [from Sherwin-Williams], brings a touch of playfulness to a home office,” says Wadden. “Keep accents neutral, such as gold and silver, or try white décor so the room stays uncluttered.”

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Warm Brown

wooden desk in brown-painted at home office
Courtesy of Farrow & Ball

If you thought brown walls were boring, then it’s time to think again. A warm brown office can help you stay serene and focused all day long, according to our experts. “Mid-brown tones, like Broccoli Brown [from Farrow & Ball], are calming,” O’Donnell says. “And [they] can focus the mind on the important tasks at hand.”

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Pale Blue

white vase of greenery atop blue book case
Courtesy of Clare

For an eye-catching wall color that will also help you stay calm and collected throughout the day, look no further than a fresh shade of blue. “If your job requires long stretches of focused time, choose a clean, fresh blue hue, like Nairobi Blue [from Clare],” Gibbons says. “Blue is universally known as a productive color that can help you stay calm, thus helping you to remain focused on the task at hand.”

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blue green office space
Getty / Westend61

Dreaming of a cool-toned home office but can’t decide between a calming blue palette or an invigorating shade of green? “A coastal blue-green, such as Dragonfly [from Behr] creates a soothing sanctuary for productivity and mindfulness,” Woelfel says. “If you aren’t ready to use this color on the walls, consider painting a bookshelf instead.”

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Dry Erase Paint

home office with plants and dry-erase wall
Courtesy of Benjamin Moore

Why settle for regular paint when you can have a whole dry-erasable wall instead? “Make an entire home office wall a dry erase board by painting a clear coat of Notable Dry Erase Paint [from Benjamin Moore] over your choice of wall color,” says Yeo. It’s the ultimate option if you share your workspace with your kids.

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