19 Lavender Nail Designs That Are Simply Adorable


Lavender is such a beautiful and elegant color, it’s no wonder that so many people choose it for their nail design.

The color purple has a lot of different meanings and associations. It’s often seen as a symbol of royalty, luxury, and wealth. Purple also tends to be associated with spirituality, and mystery. Lavender is the perfect color for this time of year because it’s so light and fresh.

Whether you’re looking for a pretty and simple design or something a little more dramatic, there’s definitely a lavender nail design out there for you. Here are some of my favorites.

lavender and green nails
Artist Credit: brushedbyb_

This is a great combo for springtime. The green adds a touch of freshness to the look, while the lavender is still the star of the show.

lavender french tips with daisies
Artist Credit: babygalnails

Here’s a cute and easy way to add some lavender to your nails. Just paint your tips with a lavender polish, and then add some white daisies with yellow centers.

lavender wedding nails
Artist Credit: caxobeauty

If you’re planning a lavender-themed wedding, these nails are the perfect way to complete your look. The delicate lavender ombre design is accented with glitter and rhinestones, making them truly special.

nails with flowers
Artist Credit: cloud28nails

If you look closely at these nails, you can see that flowers have actually been painted on each nail. You could even include small lavender flowers on your nails.

purple swirl nails
Artist Credit: frnailstudio

These nails are perfect for a formal occasion. The tips are painted with a purple polish using a cool swirl effect, and the rest of the nails are left natural.

Lavender, Blue, and White Flowers
Artist Credit: glastonburynails

I’m loving this beautiful and delicate design. Some nails are painted with lavender nail polish, while others are adorned with lavender, blue, and white flowers.

purple rhinestones
Artist Credit: goldenlukkss

A design like this will definitely glam up your look. These nails feature a lavender French tip, clear nails, glitter, and purple rhinestones.

ombre and gold foil
Artist Credit: msdoll_love

If you’re looking for a fun and elegant way to wear the color lavender, these nails are perfect for you. Each nail has a beautiful ombre effect (going from light to dark). The addition of the gold foil and rhinestones is what gives them an elegant look.

lavender accent nail
Artist Credit: nail_trends_inspo

Who doesn’t love an accent nail? The nails are painted with a soft lavender polish, and one accent nail is painted with a lavender swirl.

lavender flower nails
Artist Credit: nailsby.alejandra

Here’s a lovely and feminine way to wear lavender. The nails are painted with delicate colors, and the addition of the flowers gives them the perfect elegant look.

lavender french manicure
Artist Credit: nailsbykray

This is a classic French manicure with a lavender twist. The tips are painted with a lavender polish and small flowers that accentuate the look.

Purple Nails with Black Polka Dots
Artist Credit: nailsbyleylat

You’re going to love this fun and playful way to design your nails. This design features different shades of purple with fun polka dots on top of white nail polish.

glitter lavender nails
Artist Credit: nailssbyisabellaa

Here’s a fun way to wear lavender. The nails are painted with a lavender polish, and then they’re covered in of plenty glitter. I love the addition of flowers and butterfly rhinestones.

simple lavender nails
Artist Credit: nail_trends_inspo

Keep things simple with this beautiful nail design. This is a great way to add color to your look without going overboard. These nails are perfect for everyday wear.

shades of lavender
Artist Credit: napaznokciach

For a look you can do yourself, try painting your nails with different shades of lavender. This is a great way to show off the different hues of the color.

lavender gel nails
Artist Credit: nitronail

Here’s another simple look you can do yourself. Use a lavender gel nail polish to get a look similar to this. Just make sure you cure them under LED/UV light for 90-120 seconds.

lavender flower nails
Artist Credit: torirooz

Lavender nails don’t have to be complicated. A simple design like this one, with just a few lavender flowers on the nails, is perfect for everyday wear.

lavender spring nails
Artist Credit: xnailsbyk

If you’re looking for a great way to wear lavender in the springtime, these nails are pretty awesome. They include fun and unique designs and flowers that give them a fresh look.

moon and stars nails
Artist Credit: zensational_nailz

If you want your nails to really stand out, try adding some glittery accents like these gold moons and stars. It’s a fun way to show off your nails.

Lavender is a beautiful color that can be worn in many different ways. Whether you want a subtle look or something more dramatic, there are many options available. Try out some of these ideas and see which one you like the best.

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