20 Mirror Ideas to Take Your Living Room From Boring to Breathtaking


Alvin Wayne

Mirrors are a design feature that holds a unique pull and is easy to install (no matter the shape or size of your living space). Aside from their functionality, these décor accents can moonlight as art, bounce light around a room, and even change the perception of your space. The right mirror can heighten a short space, make a small room appear larger, or help conceal an architectural flaw.

From elegant to oversized and everything in between, here are 20 living room mirror ideas that will take any space from boring to breathtaking.

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Rikki Synder

To catch a panoramic view of your living room, hang a convex wall mirror on an open wall. We love this dotted metallic-finish iteration which pairs beautifully with every shade of navy and blue in this room.

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Rikki Synder

If you have an entryway or hallway that opens into your living room, add an oversized mirror with enough coverage. You’ll note this mirror takes up almost the entire wall but looks absolutely stunning (and creates the illusion of more space).

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Alvin Wayne

If you can’t mount an oversized mirror on the wall, bring in a hefty leaning floor mirror instead. This one fills up almost 50 percent of this wall, which glams up this living room and reflects light from the adjacent window. This makes this space visually brighter and bigger (with zero mounting required).

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Bespoke Only

If leaning floor mirrors feel too big for your space, layer in a round mirror behind a print, grouped with ceramics and sculptures on your fireplace mantel. This creates a small vignette which, in turn, adds texture and contrast resulting in a living room that feels more inviting.

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Gail Davis Designs

On the subject of round mirrors, here is one living room that uses a round mirror to define a bar zone. In combination with an overhead glossed ceiling, there’s plenty of soothing light being reflected here.

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Tina Ramchandani

If you have a cramped living room, mount a large mirror in a horizontal direction which will expand your space. This idea can still work well for larger spaces, shaking up the monotony of a dull room instantly.

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Black & Blooms

Natural material-encased mirrors will also help dress up bland areas. This round mirror forms the final boho-inspired touch for this tiny bar area carved out in this living space.

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Rikki Synder

Go beyond classic oval, circular, or rectangle mirrors too. This mirror idea is composed of small hexagon-shaped mirrors arranged in a perfect puzzle with just a few spread apart to form the illusion of movement.

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Alvin Wayne

Sometimes a mirror doesn’t elongate a space or reflect light—its primary job is to add beauty to a space. A mirror can be a timeless ornament that transforms a blank wall. In this living room, we love the leaf motif wallpaper and large round mirror combination.

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Charbonneau Interiors

For a grander appeal, scout a mirror with a pattern built in and place it right on top of your mantel. This forms a glamorous focal point. Focal points matter because they’ll prevent your space from feeling disjointed or scattered. Bonus points: this piece of decor will flow with any seasonal decorating changes.

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Bespoke Only

If you’re lucky enough to have an exterior living room, learn a mirror against a bare wall to create a visually appealing aesthetic. Here, you’ll notice an Indian-inspired hand-carved mirror backed by a brick wall.

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Laura Brophy Interiors

If you don’t envision a mirror becoming the statement of your space but still want to include this design feature in your living room, try using a pair of mirrors on an open wall instead. This still creates an eye-catching background without taking the spotlight from your other design elements.

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Rikki Synder

Outfit your living area with a pagoda frame and bamboo-style mirror. This one represents a modern take on traditional Chinese-inspired motifs and comes in a glossy cobalt finish.

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Charbonneau Interiors

You’ll note how well these patterned mirrors reflect the verdant hues from the outdoors, seamlessly complementing the dark green fireplace mantel. We’re swooning over this high-impact design feature, where color is dotted in a lively rhythm throughout this space.

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The Home Consultant

The same concept applies here, but the colors are more muted. In this living room mirror idea, a rectangle iteration is placed horizontally right above the sofa. This design trick coincidentally resembles the wood casing of the glass doors, forming an illusion of a matching window.

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Rikki Synder

If your space has stark white walls or minimal furniture, one of the best ways to add texture to your space is through jute, rope, or rattan-framed mirrors. This rectangular version forms an ideal focal point that complements the coffered ceilings above.

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Lauren Ashley Experiences

If you have a living space that moonlights as bedroom at night, place a mirror right above your daybed to polish it up for daytime guests.

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Maite Granda

Even simple rooms can be show-stopping. This living room shares a space with an adjacent dining area. With an expansive octagonal mirror making a statement in the center, this living room feels fresh and clean.

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Whittney Parkinson Design

If you have the square footage behind your sofa to add a console table, top if off with a large mirror and accessories for the perfect view.

If you’re placing a mirror on top of a console table, to achieve the right scale of elements, ensure your mirror’s width falls about 1/2 to 3/4 the width of your table (and place the bottom corner at least 6 inches above it).

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Laquita Tate

For a striking pair, mount a gold mirror on top of a jet-black painted brick fireplace. Here, you’ll note this fireplace is ceiling-high, becoming the architectural star of this living room.

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