21 Blue Front Door Colors to Inspire an Update for Your Home


Bright Blue Door

bright blue front door brick home

A coat of blue paint on the front door can quickly refresh a dated exterior. This classic brick facade with traditional detailing gets a modern update with a vivid cerulean blue paint color on the door. The red brick sets off the bold shade and offers a high-energy look.

Suggested Paint Color: Cosmic Blue 4008-10C, Valspar (No longer available)

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Light Blue Front Door

brick steps white home porch teal front door
Anthony Masterson

The key to an inviting front porch is to prevent the space from feeling too dark. Choose a light shade of blue for the door to refresh your front entry. The reflective glass panels on this door bounce light around to add even more brightness.

Suggested Paint Color: Aqueduct SW 6758, Sherwin-Williams

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White and Blue Exterior

white house with royal blue door
Eric Roth

White and blue is a classic color combination that never goes out of style. Whether you prefer light blue or rich cobalt, blue front door colors are natural companions to white siding and trim. Use a high-gloss sheen on your front door for even more impact.

Suggested Paint Color: Beacon Blue P510-7, Behr

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Warm and Cool Contrasts

yellow wicker rocking chair next to turquoise front door exterior
Cameron Sadeghpour

Stuck on how to accessorize your new blue front door color? Look to the color wheel for inspiration on your exterior color palette. On the wheel, blue lives on the cool side and yellow on the warm, offering a contrasting color scheme that lends a cheerful look to your front stoop.

Suggested Paint Color: Tropical Splash PPG1233-5, PPG

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Dark Blue Door

home exterior sidewalk to blue front door
Werner Straube

Match your blue front door color to your home’s architectural style for a more traditional look. Deep navy blue adds a formal feel suited to this home’s historic and classic architecture. On the other hand, dazzling turquoise and baby blue doors create a free-spirited, unconventional look.

Suggest Paint Color: In the Navy SW 9178, Sherwin-Williams

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Blue-Green Front Door

entryway with soft blue doorway
Brie Williams

This front entry demonstrates another winning color combination borrowed from the color wheel. Vivid shades of blue and green form an analogous color scheme for an energetic appearance. A blue-green hue on the front door meets in the middle to tie the color scheme together.

Suggested Paint Color: Surf Blue 2056-30, Benjamin Moore

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Turquoise Front Door

white brick house exterior teal front door

Choose a stand-out blue front door color to add striking appeal to your home. This exterior has a distinctly traditional character with its ornate trim and brick facade. However, the vibrant shade of turquoise on the front door offers contemporary contrast.

Suggested Paint Color: Rushing Stream 5005-10B, Valspar

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Cottage-Style Entry

front exterior round top door
Janet Mesic-Mackie

This turquoise door makes a splash thanks to its complementary color partners. White casing highlights this welcoming hue. When choosing a blue front door color, consider the color of walkways and exterior siding (here, it’s brick red and cedar shingles). Then, select a shade found on the opposite side of the color wheel to create attention-getting contrast.

Suggested Paint Color: Paradise Sky P470-4, Behr

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Classic Blue Front Door

home front exterior street view blue door
David Tsay

You can make a statement by painting your front door while keeping it classic. Consider replacing an ordinary door with a distinctively detailed version to double your entry’s impact. Though solid and simple, this door delights thanks to its Delft-blue color and board-and-batten details.

Suggested Paint Color: Blue Tang PPG1160-7, PPG

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Blue-Gray Door

home exterior garden landscape blue front door
Matthew Benson

Roof shingles enhance a home’s appearance and typically coordinate with a home’s siding color. They also offer a great place to find color inspiration for your front door. This blue front door color, with a touch of gray, is the key to this house’s cohesive look. It carries the color of the roof shingles closer to eye level.

Suggested Paint Color: Revel Blue SW 6530, Sherwin-Williams

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Coastal-Inspired Entryway

front exterior blue front door open
Michael Partenio

Framed by roof-supporting columns, this front door demands attention. The homeowners referenced their coastal locale by painting the door a deep-sea blue that pops against the home’s siding and trim. Vividly glazed containers and blue-toned pavers carry the door’s hue further into the landscape.

Suggested Paint Color: Old Glory 811, Benjamin Moore

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Bright Aqua Door

home exterior with stucco siding blue front door
Michael Partenio

Use a vibrant blue front door color to highlight your home’s exterior features. Because it’s tucked into a sidewall, this blue front door was barely noticeable until the homeowners painted it a gorgeous aquamarine. The seaworthy hue adds to the home’s beach-cottage style and provides a breezy counterpoint to the stucco siding and stone-clad setting.

Suggested Paint Color: High Dive PPG1236-5, PPG

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Slate Blue Front Door

spring time home front exterior navy blue door
Edmund Barr Photographer

Consider smoky teal tones a contemporary take on navy blue. These shades make excellent choices when you want a subtle yet fashion-forward statement. This paneled front door, which steps off the lighter blue-gray siding, also connects to the greens in the surrounding landscape.

Suggested Paint Color: Blue Danube 2062-30, Benjamin Moore

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Peacock Blue Door

garden tool shed blue door hanging letter
Jay Wilde

Go bold with color for a whimsical, welcoming entryway. Though a fanciful monogram and knocker make a statement on this plank door, the bright hue draws people down the garden path. Green-glazed posts and shutters in a complementary shade amplify this garden shed door’s prominence and increase its visibility.

Suggested Paint Color: Pacific Pleasure 5009-10, Valspar

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Striking Blue Front Door Color

home exterior blue front door old ford pickup
Ryann Ford

Doors fade from view when set back on a facade or shaded by a porch roof. Use a high-energy, high-contrast paint color to carry your front door into the limelight. This sky blue door stands out brilliantly against the warm gray siding.

Suggested Paint Color: Flyway SW 6794, Sherwin-Williams

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Navy Blue Front Door

two story brick home blue front door
Werner Straube

Federalist architectural styles, born in our country’s Colonial times, call for understated color choices. Though different in hue, this blue front door color and black shutters play nicely because they have the same visual weight. Their contrast makes an impact without disrupting the home’s traditional personality.

Suggested Paint Color: Tidal M510-6, Behr

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Sky Blue Door

bungalow brown shaker shingle siding blue door
Michael Partenio

This blue front door color, reflecting the sky above, adds a happy tint to this home. Combined with aqua accents on the porch, the colorful door gives the brown-shingled cottage a cheerful lift. Crisp white trim makes the door a focal point.

Suggested Paint Color: Slumber 4007-9C, Valspar (No longer available)

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Inviting Front Door Color

cottage style home front porch blue door
Brie Williams

This vivid blue front door color beckons arriving guests up the entry path. Though set back and shaded by the porch roof, the eye-catching turquoise brings the door forward to brighten the porch’s shadows. Now it can be more easily seen and appreciated by passersby.

Suggested Paint Color: Lake Victoria 668, Benjamin Moore

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Robin’s Egg Blue Accents

home front exterior light blue door shutters
Brie Williams

Painting the front door and the shutters a vibrant shade adds can’t-miss curb appeal to a monochromatic exterior. This one-color treatment is especially effective on straight-lined structures with little architectural embellishment. Here, a robin’s egg blue pairs perfectly with French-inspired exterior elements like arched windows and stucco siding.

Suggested Paint Color: Spa SW 6765, Sherwin-Williams

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Turquoise Front Door Design

front porch turquoise contemporary door
Jay Wilde

Unique door designs require thoughtful consideration when it comes to color. High-gloss turquoise paint makes this door shine with a striking finish that shifts along with the light. Turquoise repeats on a house-number plaque and bench pillows to further liven up the neutral exterior.

Suggested Paint Color: High Dive P480-5, Behr

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Matching Blue Porch Accessories

cinderblock patio with stairs up to blue door
Emily Gilbert Photography

Displaying a single color in different ways and varying tones creates pleasingly put-together spaces. Cobalt blue paint turns this front door into a focal point. Periwinkle chairs, bluish flagstones, and worn and shiny blue flowerpots provide finishing touches that result in a captivatingly well-rounded composition.

Suggested Paint Color: Deep Space 4008-8C, Valspar (No longer available)

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