28 Fall Living Room Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space

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Kristin Hohenadel
28 Fall Living Room Decor Ideas to Cozy Up Your Space
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    Layer Cozy Textures

    cozy fall living room

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    Adding soft, warm, fluffy textures is an easy fall living room refresh. This 1906 Echo Park cabin from Leanne Ford Interiors is coziness personified, with its rustic stone fireplace surround, raw wood-clad walls and ceilings, and mix of vintage furnishings. A soft plush Beni Ourain rug and a generous fireside armchair draped with a fuzzy blanket and a fluffy sheepskin amp create a soft perch for nights in.

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    Accent With Amber Glass

    fall living room decor accents

    A Beautiful Mess

    Add fall vibes to your living room with a single well chosen decor accent. A Beautiful Mess filled a light-catching amber glass vase with branches to create an autumn centerpiece on the DIY live edge coffee table in this bright living room decorated in shades of pink, white, and gray.

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    Set Up a Listening Corner

    fall living room dark walls

    Louis Duncan-He Designs / Eymeric Wilding Photography

    Dark walls can feel especially enveloping come fall. Louis Duncan-He Designs decorated the moody black accent wall of this inviting living room with floating shelves displaying favorite album covers, and a sound system set up for relaxing evenings at home with friends and family.

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    Add Ambient Lighting

    fall living room lighting

    Design by AHG Interiors / Photo by Nick Glimenakis

    Use warm lighting to brighten your living room as the chilly fall days darken. AHG Interiors flanked the back door of this rustic chic home with modern wall sconces that evoke the feeling of taper candles to emit an ambient amber glow in this open-plan living and dining room.

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    Embrace Plush Velvets

    fall living room color palette

    Brexton Cole Interiors

    Add plush velvet furniture or accessories in rich autumn shades to create a luxurious fall feeling in your living room. Brexton Cole Interiors decorated this traditional row house living room with a burnt orange velvet sofa with scalloped curves that feels especially appropriate for fall (but will work year round).

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    Stock Your Bar Cart

    fall living room bar cart

    Inspired by Charm

    When the days grow shorter and the nights grow longer, there is all the more reason to set up a living room bar cart like this one from Inspired by Charm. The bottom shelf is stocked with spirits, while the top shelf displays glassware and a repurposed vintage trophy holding a bunch of dyed wheat stalks that evokes harvest season. A lit tea candle lets guests know that the bar is open.

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    Stack Your Coffee Table

    fall living room coffee table

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Tessa Neustadt

    Come fall, be sure your that your coffee table is stacked with plenty of reading materials. Even better if, like this living room from Leanne Ford Interiors, there’s a wood-burning fireplace nearby.

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    Set Up a Cocktail Tray

    fall living room flower arrangement

    Inspired by Charm

    When entertaining, bring in small touches that celebrate fall to create a sense of occasion that marks the season. Inspired by Charm styled a cocktail tray holding apple cider cocktails, simple taper candles, a jug of fall flowers, and a small decorative pumpkin to turn this leather ottoman into a cocktail table made for two.

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    Use Weathered Finishes

    fall living room

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Max Kim-bee

    Add weathered finishes and rustic materials like leather and wood to create a warm and inviting fall feel in your living room. Leanne Ford Interiors chose a pair of comfy weathered French leather armchairs for this relaxed and inviting Pittsburgh living room that complement the dark reclaimed wood floors and industrial style weathered wood and metal coffee table.

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    Highlight With Fall Shades

    fall living room color palette

    Design by Chango & Co. / Photo by Sarah Elliott

    Vibrant rust and mustard accents can work at any time of year, but they resonate particularly in the autumn when the leaves turn. This living room from Chango & Co. mixes artwork with shades of pink and white walls, floors, and ceiling to give the room a fresh modern feel.

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    Accent With Wood

    cozy fall living room ideas

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    You don’t have to do much to get a wood-paneled living room with a wood-burning stove ready for fall. Emily Henderson Design decorated this modern rustic living room with extra throw pillows and blankets and a vase of bright orange fall leaves. If your living room doesn’t have wood-paneled walls, add rustic wood accents into your space in the form of a stool, coffee table, or large decorative bowl.

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    Add Natural Elements

    preserved flowers fall living room

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Reid Rolls

    Decorate with foraged and natural elements like leaves or preserved flowers to give your living room a touch of fall. This simple farmhouse living room from Leanne Ford Interiors has white walls, warm wood and leather accents, and a generous bunch of dried flowers in a repurposed vase that create a simple ode to fall.

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    Incorporate Earth Tones

    fall living room decor accents

    Alvin Wayne

    Earth tone shades of burnt orange, rust, and brown will add warmth to a fall living room. Interior designer Alvin Wayne enhanced the neutral decor of a NYC highrise living room with autumnal shades of brown and orange that add richness and depth.

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    Warm Up the Walls

    fall living room paint colors

    Beauty Is Abundant

    Painting your living room in a warm earth tone like mustard or terracotta will make it feel especially inviting come fall. Interior designer Leah Alexander of Beauty Is Abundant painted the walls of this living room with warm orange-hued paint that complements the cognac leather couch to create an inviting and relaxing place to spend a fall evening.

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    Celebrate Dark Wood

    rustic fall living room fireplace

    Design by Leanne Ford Interiors / Photo by Amy Neunsinger

    Rustic interiors come alive in fall. Leanne Ford Interiors complemented dark wood on the walls, floors, and ceiling and a monumental stone fireplace with modern furniture and decor in paler shades to create a modern rustic gathering space that’s ready for fall entertaining in front of a roaring fire.

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    Keep It Light

    neutral fall living room decor

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you live in a summery climate and have an aesthetic to match, swap jewel-toned velvets for light neutral fall decor. Emily Henderson Design decorated this light and bright living room with pale pumpkin decorations and a light wood vase filled with a sculptural branch that nod to fall while complementing the existing decor style.

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    Set a Tea Table

    fall cottage style living room

    Lobster and Swan

    Small everyday rituals take on extra meaning in fall, when we look to our homes for comfort and reassurance. In this small English country living room from Lobster and Swan, a little tea set takes pride of place on a tree stump coffee table during off hours, at the ready for tea time anytime you need a pick-me-up.

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    Use Darker Accent Pillows

    fall living room throw pillows

    Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design

    You can signal the shift to fall by adding a handful of darker accent pillows to a light-colored sofa without changing the whole room. In this living room from Ajai Guyot for Emily Henderson Design, a couple of chocolate-colored throw pillows and a soft cocoa-hued rug help to ground the seating area in a room dominated by shades of white.

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    Stock a Vintage Cabinet

    fall living room

    Inspired by Charm

    A simple way to decorate for fall is to style a single area such as a cabinet, console table, or buffet. In this living room from Inspired by Charm, a vintage glass-front cabinet is a vignette for all things fall, from the stacked blankets to the amber glass and pumpkin figurines.

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    Restyle Your Built-Ins

    fall living room bookcase styling ideas

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona

    Restyling a bookcase is an easy way to decorate for fall. Blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made by Carmona styled her built-in living room bookcase with autumn in mind by gathering and grouping earth-toned books in beiges and browns, adding in some art, seasonal greens, and gold accents for good measure.

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    Spin the Color Wheel

    fall living room with orange accents

    Thistlewood Farms

    For a high-contrast look, decorate with fall accent colors that are on the opposite side of the color wheel from your living room color palette. This blue-and-white living room from Thistlewood Farms might be decked out in the colors of a Greek island, but come fall it gets a vibe shift thanks a vase of orange flowers and a bright orange pumpkin that offer contrast and announce the season.

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    Use Playful Decor Accents

    fall living room coffee table display

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    To while away those cool fall evenings without turning on the TV, why
    not keep a stylish chess set on the coffee table that doubles as decor. Or take inspiration from blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona, who built a hidden DIY pull-out gaming and puzzle table for her living room that encourages play and can be whisked close to hide clutter in a flash.

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    Create a Cozy Reading Corner

    reading corner styled for fall

    Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Make your reading corner feel cozy for fall by swapping in a few season-appropriate extras. Emily Henderson Design layered a neutral upholstered armchair with a throw pillow and extra blanket in bright fall shades of mustard and orange.

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    Accent With Gold

    fall living room with gold accents

    Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona

    Create a warm glow in a fall living room with gilded accents. Blogger Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona filled a trio of gold-accented vases with crimson autumn leaves, a simple, inexpensive, earth-friendly nod to the season.

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    Add a Blanket Ladder

    fall living room blanket ladder

    Design by Emily Henderson and Priscilla Frost /Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    If you need a place to store all those extra blankets you’ll be reaching for come fall, try storing them on a decorative ladder. Interior designers Emily Henderson and Priscilla Frost leaned an arched wood ladder stocked with extra seasonal blankets against the wall to keep things cozy.

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    Bring the Outdoors In

    fall earth tone living room

    Lobster and Swan

    Layer earth tones and natural materials to create a relaxing fall living room that brings the outdoors inside. Lobster and Swan mixed neutral linens, patterned textiles, wood accents, and a mix of dried flowers and plants to create an effortless and cozy feel that complements rustic reclaimed flooring in an English country cottage living room.

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    Add Vintage Accents

    fall living room decorated with brown accents

    Tyler Karu Design + Interiors / Photo by Erin Little

    Vintage accents complement a fall living room decorated in a rich palette of brown shades. In this Spanish Revival living room from Tyler Karu Design + Interiors, a rocking chair by the fire beckons on cold fall evenings, and a repurposed vintage trunk doubles as a coffee table with hidden storage for extra blankets. A mix of finishes like grasscloth wallpaper and glossy fireplace tiles adds dimension.

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    Light Some Candles

    fall living room with candles

    Ryann Miller for Emily Henderson Design / Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp

    Never underestimate the power of candlelight to make a fall living room feel especially inviting. Ryann Miller for Emily Henderson Design added ambient lighting to this living room using simple orange taper candles on the coffee table and in a wall-mounted sconce. The soft lighting feels nostalgic and perfect for fall, complementing the caramel leather sofa and dark teal walls and accessorized with throw pillows in shades of rust and green.

How should you decorate a living room in the fall? 

You can decorate your living room for fall by adding accessories in traditional fall colors such as rust, crimson, brown, or mustard yellow. Switch out summer curtains for cozy velvet drapes, swap out throw pillows with seasonal plaids, or decorate your mantel with colorful leaves, pumpkins, preserved flowers, or a fall wreath.

How do you make a living room extra cozy in the fall?

Layering your living room with extra textiles such as throw pillows, throw blankets, and plush rugs will add warmth and coziness in the fall. Choose warm, soft textures like velvet, faux fur, or a chunky knit wool or cashmere to create a cozy feel. Incorporate natural elements like fall leaves, dried flowers, or a vase of branches to bring the outdoors in. And be sure to add plenty of ambient lighting in the form of candles, warm lighting, or a roaring fire in the fireplace.

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