29 Best Backyard Oasis Ideas For Ultimate Relaxation


In recent years, we’ve come to recognize the importance of learning how to unwind in our own homes. We’re learning how to create sanctuaries in our backyards for times when getting away isn’t possible.

The reward is a weeknight retreat and higher equity in our home’s value.

Stay-cations have us searching for new ideas and ways we can create beautiful getaways in our own backyard. We’ve curated twenty-nine of the best backyard oasis ideas for relaxation.

There are several things to consider when considering backyard ideas for your oasis. Think about the primary usage of the area. Are you looking for a simple lounge area, outdoor dining, or are you planning to be the hub for big parties?

You’ll also have to decide if your goal includes more privacy, more shade, or outdoor lighting.

Whatever you decide, we have plenty of ideas here for every type of home sanctuary. Take notes and get ready to build the backyard of your dreams.

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