35 Cat Breeds That Will Instantly Make You Go “AWWW”



Are you someone whose heart instantly melts in the divine presence of a feline creature? If you said “yes,” well, like the internet fondly nicknames, you are a cat person, and this one is just for you. Here is a list of the most adorable cat breeds carefully curated to match your never-ending love for felines.


1. Turkish Angora Cat

Fluffy cat sitting on a fluffy blanket

2. Persian Cat

A white Persian cat

3. LaPerm

Cute LaPerm cat kitten, sitting up, standing side ways

4. Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinian cats play at home

5. American Curl

White American Curl cat with blue eyes

6. Egyptian Mau

An Egyptian Mau looking away

7. American Bobtails

Bobtail standing and looking away in a park in Northern California

8. Bengal Cat

Domestic red cat in a knitted hat and scarf

9. Birman

A very cute Birman cat with blue eyes hiding under a blanket

10. British Shorthair

Cute British shorthair cat with funny eyeglasses with beautiful eyelashes in front of her face

11. Cornish Rex

Black bicolor Cornish Rex cat kitten on white background

12. Cymric

The Cymric sitting on the floor

13. Devon Rex

Devon Rex curly black cat sitting on the porch of the house

14. Chantilly-Tiffany

Portrait oa a black chantilly tiffany cat

15. Maine Coon

The close-up of a Maine coon kitten

16. Kurilian Bobtail

Black beautiful Kurilian Bobtail cat sitting on the sofa

17. Korat

Korat cat sitting on a sofa

18. Siberian Cat

Fluffy siberian cat sitting on the jute wicker rug

19. Chartreux

Portrait Of A Beautiful One And A Half Year Old Chartreux Cat Against Blue Background

20. Manx

Adorable tailless Manx cat kitten, sitting backwards on edge looking towards camera with sweet droopy eyes

21. Burmilla

Silver burmilla cat, isolated on white

22. Ragdoll

A ragdoll chilling on the couch

23. Norwegain Forest Cat

A cat looking in to the camera

24. Minuet

A blue eyed, tabby coloured Napoleon kitten at just over two months old

25. Balinese Cats

Cute Balinese cat sitting comfortable in the afternoon sunlight that leaks into the living room

26. Exotic

A cute, Exotic cat

27. Havana Brown

Closeup image of a havana brown isolated on a black background

28. Raggamuffin

Raggamuffin cat lying on the floor

29. Russian Blue

A sad Russian blue cat

30. Scottish Fold

A Scottish Fold kitten on the couch

31. Munchkin

Cute Munchkin kitten looking at the camera

32. Lykoi

Lykoi cat against white background

33. Siamese Cats

A blue-eyed, domestic short-hair Siamese kitten lays in the grass, holding a pinecone

34. Singapura

Singapura cat looking straight at camera with mesmerising green eyes

35. Khao Manee

Khao Manee cat on the grass

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