35 Coastal Farmhouse Ideas for Every Space In Your Home

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
35 Coastal Farmhouse Ideas for Every Room
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Add Statement Lighting

Beach inspired coastal farmhouse kitchen

Chad R. Mellon

Lighting provides a great opportunity to add style and personality to a space. In this kitchen, oversized rattan pendant lights usher in a breezy beach-inspired aesthetic that seamlessly fits in with the white cabinetry, wood floating shelves, and classic subway tile for the perfect blend of coastal and farmhouse style.

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Layer Area Rugs

Coastal inspired dining room

Adam Albright

Add visual interest and extra comfort underfoot by layering area rugs. Go with a natural jute rug for your base—it’s a great way to bring in texture and a coastal element—and top it with a colorful rug that’s about a foot smaller to allow for a generous border.

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Mix Materials

Farmhouse eat-in kitchen

Tria Giovan

Take cues from this charming eat-in kitchen and layer materials and textures to create a relaxed, lived-in look. A large farmhouse table and cross back chairs set an inviting scene, while cozy rattan armchairs at either end bring in a beachy feel that’s dressed up with elegant glass pendant lights.

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Use Blue Accents

Blue coastal dining room

Stacy Zarin Goldberg

Blue is a classic color palette for coastal style. It’s used on the walls and through solid and patterned chair upholstery in this charming dining room, adding a calming energy and soft splash of color to the more neutral farmhouse features such as a wood-covered ceiling, sisal area rug, and distressed furniture pieces.

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Bring in Vintage Pieces

Farmhouse dining room with vintage pieces

Brie Williams

Display vintage pieces such as this collection of tinted blue mason jars and white dishes to give your home character and personality. The bright white walls and painted hutch set a refreshing tone that’s warmed up with distressed wood dining table, black chairs, and a candelabra chandelier that contribute essential elements of farmhouse style.

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Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

Traditional kitchen with light blue cabinets

Nancy Nolan

A fresh coat of blue paint puts a coastal spin on this farmhouse kitchen, infusing it with a playful energy. Crisp white pendant lights, polished chrome cabinet hardware, and a marble backsplash maintain a cool color palette and give the space an effortlessly sophisticated look.

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Add Architectural Details

bedroom with blue walls

Kim Cornelison

If you want to add a pop of color sparingly, instead of painting an entire wall consider installing wainscoting. It adds an extra layer of architectural detail and allows you to introduce a splash of coastal blue and a touch of farmhouse charm in a way that’s not overpowering.

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Go with Stripes

Farmhouse decor style

James Nathan Schroder

You can’t go wrong with a blue and white stripe when it comes to coastal farmhouse style. A white shiplap wall adorned with an oversized basket create a quintessential modern farmhouse backdrop for a cozy daybed filled with plush throw pillows that bring in color, pattern, and texture.

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Keep it Bright

White kitchen

Alise OBrien

Stick with a light and bright all-white color palette for a kitchen that merges the two styles. White cabinets, a subway tile backsplash, and a charming farmhouse sink are classic choices. To keep these traditional features from looking boring, add a fun window treatment such as this blue and white buffalo check roman shade and a butcher-block countertop that’ll warm up all the stark white.

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Display your Treasures

Coastal theme entryway

Robert Brinson

Display unique flea market finds and heirloom family treasures to give your home a personal touch. A console such as this farmhouse-style one is the perfect spot to assemble a charming vignette. Use a tall lamp to add height, hang a piece of art to draw the eyes up, and style pieces such as a rattan basket or bowl of seashells to add a little bit of coastal flair.

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Incorporate Coastal Decor

Coastal farmhouse dining room

Kim Cornelison

For an elegant way to incorporate coastal farmhouse style into your home, be subtle when it comes to beach-inspired decor. This relaxed dining room is the perfect example. A large shell that serves as a centerpiece on the farmhouse table and a distressed metal seahorse on the mantel are just enough to convey the theme without looking tacky.

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Play with Textiles

Modern farmhouse decor

Laura Moss

Showcase this casual decor style through the use of textiles. Have fun with mixing throw pillow patterns, layering cozy blankets, and incorporating an area rug with an interesting print to balance out plain white walls.

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Create a Lived-in Look

Coastal style with seashell collection

Brian McWeeney

Coastal farmhouse style embodies a casual, lived-in aesthetic as this charming living room showcases. Recreate the look by hanging an eclectic gallery wall featuring oil paintings and vintage prints, displaying collections of shells you found at the beach, and stacking coffee table books and layering cozy textiles that make a room feel warm and thoughtfully curated.

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Choose Natural Wood

Coastal kitchen design

Laura Moss

Natural wood shines in this coastal farmhouse kitchen, bringing in a timeless quality and cozy warmth. There are countless ways to incorporate wood into your kitchen, from flooring and a statement island, to smaller and less expensive features such as floating shelves or decorative accents like a vintage bread boards.

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Paint the Front Door

Coastal farmhouse entryway

Anthony Masterson

Create a warm welcome and show off your personal style by painting your front door a fun color. A coastal blue paint color is a refreshing choice for this farmhouse entryway, breathing in a cool and whimsical air to brighten an otherwise neutral space.

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Add a Picture Ledge

Bathroom picture wall

Sypsie Designs

Artwork is a creative way to convey a design style. Have fun with curating an interesting mix of photographs, drawing, and paintings and instead of a classic gallery wall, go with picture ledges that allow you to layer pictures and easily switch things up when the mood strikes or seasons change.

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Use Slipcovers

Living room with slipcover furniture

Jean Allsopp

White furniture is synonymous with coastal farmhouse style but if you’re concerned about maintenance, choose pieces with slipcovers that can be washed. This way, keeping them in pristine condition is much easier. To add visual interest, anchor the furniture with layered area rugs and bring in texture and color with plush throw pillows and blankets.

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Build a Window Seat

Farmhouse kitchen with window seat

Emily Followill 

A window seat is a sure way to add charm to any room. It’s a cozy architectural feature that presents an opportunity to add style with a colorful seat cushion and throw pillows, as well as extra storage if you incorporate pull-out drawers.

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Add Small Decor Pieces

Coastal kitchen decor

Brie Williams

If you want to add some coastal flair to your farmhouse-style home in a non-permanent way, small decorative touches here and there are the way to go. Prop up starfish on your kitchen windows, incorporate a blue soap dish, or use striped dish towels for a subtle and inexpensive nod to the beach.

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Maximize Space

Breakfast nook

Julie Soefer

Make good use of space and turn an empty spot into a functional breakfast nook or reading corner. A pair of built-in benches, a collection of patterned throw pillows, a rustic table, and a metal pendant light pack a big punch in this small nook, adding layers of charm to this shiplap-covered space.

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Use a Warm Color Palette

Living room with rattan furniture

Adam Albright

Set a welcoming tone that’s key to coastal farmhouse style by opting for a warm color palette. In this inviting living room, soft white walls are a neutral base for a beige sectional, off-white chairs, and a wood-topped wicker coffee table. For a bold dose of color, a navy blue cabinet brings in depth, contrast, and a beachy element.

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Hang it on the Mantel

Living room coastal decor

John Granen

A fireplace tends to be the natural focal point of a room, making the mantel a prime spot to highlight your decor theme. Here, a wooden piece depicting a whale echoes the elongated brick fireplace and ties in other coastal elements such as a bowl filled with seashells, indigo throw pillows, and sheer white curtains.

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Use Natural Materials

Coastal living room with wood tones

Kritsada Panichgul

For a room that exudes both effortless elegance and a casual lifestyle, use a mix of natural materials. Here, a large sisal area rug anchors a comfy sectional, rustic wood beams highlight the tall ceiling, and a distressed ladder and driftwood accents add touches of quintessential coastal style.

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Pair Blue and White

Farmhouse blue and white kitchen

Keller + Keller

When it comes to a coastal-inspired home, there’s no color combination more classic than blue and white. Kitchen cabinets and knobs painted in a deep shade of blue bring in the beach, while soft white shiplap walls contribute the farmhouse warmth. Industrial-style counter stools introduce new materials and reinforce the unfussy simplicity of the space.

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Highlight the Fireplace

Modern farmhouse sunroom

Brie Williams 

Highlight a fireplace with a unique material such as these natural wood planks that extend to the ceiling. The vertical boards visually expand the size of the room, contrast the modern concrete fireplace surround, and add farmhouse-inspired warmth to the cool coastal room accents.

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Hang a Beachy Chandelier

Modern dining room

Robert Brinson

A capiz shell chandelier brings a beachy feel to this modern farmhouse dining room. It makes a stunning statement and its delicate, shimmery pieces are in stark contrast with the streamlined wood dining table for the perfect balance of coastal and farmhouse styles.

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Repurpose Furniture

Farmhouse style entryway

Jason Donnelly

Take inspiration from this blue entryway bench and breathe new life into an old piece of furniture. The cheery color brightens the space for a warm welcome, the bench’s farmhouse roots getting a beachy makeover with a fresh coat of paint and a collection of textured rattan storage baskets.

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Install a Barn Door

Farmhouse style bathroom

James Nathan Schroder

Not only is a sliding barn door a farmhouse staple, it’s a great way to save space and add instant character. White tile, a vintage-style tub, and black window frames continue the rustic aesthetic that’s brightened with a striped blue accent rug that instantly refreshes the small bathroom.

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Coastal Farmhouse Wall Decor

Farmhouse wall decor

Edmund Barr

Adorn the walls with collected items that further the coastal farmhouse decor style and add personal details to your space. Use anything from a vintage copper pan your grandmother gave you to miniature framed paintings you found at an antique store; it’s these elements that take a space from generic to unique.

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Add a Reading Nook

Reading corner

Edmund Barr

This reading nook looks like it could be straight out of your favorite rom-com. A chaise offers a relaxing spot to wind down at the end of a day, as well as a backdrop for colorful pillows and blankets. Instead of a side table, get creative and stack lidded baskets that serve as storage space, add a unique look, and introduce a textural element.

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Bring in Copper Accents

Blue and copper kitchen

Edmund Barr

For an unexpected design detail, incorporate copper accents into your coastal blue kitchen. The warm metal pairs beautifully with a whole range of blue tones, whether through pendant lights above the island, a statement range hood, or a collection of pots and pans to decorate the walls or tops of the cabinets with.

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Create a Serene Retreat

Coastal farmhouse bedroom

James Nathan Schroder

Use coastal farmhouse style to turn your bedroom into a serene retreat. Here, a beaded chandelier adorns a white painted wood ceiling, relaxed bedding adds layers of cozy texture, indigo blue printed ottomans bring in a cool energy, and crisp white walls keep the room bright and open.

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Mix Patterns

Farmhouse style sitting room

James Nathan Schroder

You don’t have to stick to a single pattern in a room. In fact, mixing different prints while playing with scale and color is a great way to add visual interest. Stick to a limited color palette such as the blue and white theme in this sitting room and pair a medallion-style area rug with striped and solid throw pillows for the cozy, layered look that embodies coastal farmhouse style.

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Make the Bed

Farmhouse style bedroom

James Nathan Schroder

Deep blue quilts and matching shams are a charming addition to these black metal beds. They pop against the crisp white sheets and have a handmade quality that makes this sweet bedroom look extra cozy and homey.

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Upgrade the Bathroom

Boho modern farmhouse bathroom

Erica Van Slyke

Small swaps can take a bathroom from basic builder-grade to unique and custom. Give your bathroom a coastal farmhouse makeover with a rattan light fixture, woven wood window shades, a striped bath mat, and soft towels.

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