35 Stunning Subway Tile Ideas for Bathrooms


Subway Tile and Wallpaper

Bathroom with bold wallpaper and subway tile

Brie Williams

Traditional subway tiles are usually white, like the tiles lining half of the wall behind this bathroom’s sink. But you can still easily tie color and bold patterns into your bathroom design by lining the top half of the wall with wallpaper. Almost any color scheme will pair well with white!

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Mixed Bathroom Subway Tiles

Bathroom shower subway tile

Brie Williams

Bright white subway tiles create a clean look for the shower in this bathroom. For visual interest, they’re offset by marble tiles on the floor and much smaller honeycomb tiles lining the wall behind the sink, creating contrast with the stark white.

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Herringbone Shower Tile

Herringbone bathroom subway tile

Emily Followill

Though the majority of the gray tiles in this bathroom are placed in traditional subway tile rows, a section of the shower wall puts a twist on the pattern. The back wall has a section of tiles placed in a herringbone pattern, which draws the eye into the shower and adds a hint of interest and complexity to the gray subway tiles.

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Black Bathroom Subway Tiles

Bathroom black subway tile

Annie Schlechter

Give subway tiles a whole new look by choosing black instead of traditional white. The dark-color tiles become a focal point in a bathroom with marble floors and counters, white trim, and gray walls.

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Pair it With a Pattern

patterned tile floor and subway tile shower
Julie Soefer Photography LLC

If subway tile looks a little too conventional for your taste, don’t be afraid to pair it with patterned tile. In this bathroom, the shower subway tile takes a backseat to bold floor tiles that stretch up the sides of the walls. When paired with a busy pattern, subway tile acts as a blank canvas on which to rest your eyes.

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Shower Wall Tile

white tiled shower and bath combo

Ann VanderWiel Wilde

This bathroom has a unique arched ceiling with enough space for a bathtub and shower fixtures. White subway tile provides a neutral, stylish backdrop on the walls and ceiling, allowing the gold fixtures and marble trim to stand out.

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Classic Bathroom Subway Tile

Bathroom subway tile with contrasting grout

Werner Straube

Nothing is more classic than a black and white color scheme. Keep your subway tile looking crisp with bathroom fixtures and decor to match. Make white subway tiles stand out and act as a graphic element in your bathroom by lining them with black grout. The color change helps define each individual tile and ties them in with darker elements in this bathroom, like black floor tiles and trim.

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Showcase a Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom white subway tile

David A Land

Extend a white subway tile backsplash to the ceiling to draw attention to the mirror and vanity in your bathroom. Continuing the subway tile along the bottom half of the wall throughout the bathroom creates space for adding other elements along the top of the wall, like larger art prints.

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Square Subway Tiles

subway tile bathroom drawer storage trough sink

Erin Kunkel

Larger subway tiles will lend a more contemporary look to a bathroom, while still retaining a sense of timelessness. Wide grout lines also add a distinguishing accent to the tile application, as does a specialty glaze or color. The tile in this bathroom embodies several of those traits, creating a memorable shower surround. In the light and airy bathroom, the bold structure of the tile design grounds the space, and the black grout coordinates with the bathroom countertop and floor.

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Embrace Color

gray bathroom tile walls with white bathtub

Seth Smoot

Explore tile finish and glazing options if you want the classic shape of subway tiles but don’t want traditional white tiles. A greige finish on these glazed bathroom subway tiles adds contemporary edge around a traditional freestanding tub. White tile on the bathroom floor keeps the room grounded and timeless.

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Eclectic Bathroom Subway Tiles

Bathroom artwork

Jim Franco

Black grout makes the subway tiles lining this shower-tub combo stand out, and it also matches with other elements like the black ceiling and floor tiles. By leaving a gap around the window and allowing some of the black paint to show through, it also helps the subway tiles pop even more.

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Modern Bathroom Subway Tiles

Modern farmhouse bathroom

John Bessler

White subway tiles with white grout will largely fade into the background in your bathroom, allowing other elements of the design to shine. However, updating to black grout makes the tiles stand out more, creating a modern look in this bathroom, especially paired with black tile floors and wood ceilings.

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Farmhouse Bathroom Tile

Glass shower with subway tile

James Nathan Schroder

Play with scale and shape in a farmhouse-inspired bathroom by pairing smaller subway tiles with large white paneled walls. The contrasting shapes draw attention to the subway tiles lining the shower, while also complementing the white counters and marble countertops.

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Accent with Prints

Bathroom dog wallpaper

David A Land

Black and beige bathroom wallpaper stands out immediately from the largely white color scheme. In this bathroom, white subway tile is a supporting player, complementing the wallpaper and matching the white vanity and marble countertops.

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Subway Tile Backsplash

Bathroom backsplash

Jay Wilde

If you want to add a fun print to your bathroom without overwhelming it, create a large backsplash with subway tiles that covers two-thirds of the wall. Adding a larger print wallpaper at the top adds color and style to the room without feeling cramped or overwhelming because of the large-scale print.

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Mix Tile Patterns

Pattern bathroom tile

Michael Partenio

Break up a backsplash of white subway tile by adding a border of patterned tiles near the top. In this bathroom, the tiles added at the top of the backsplash match the bathroom floor tiles, creating consistency throughout the design.

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Vertical Bathroom Subway Tiles

Vertical bathroom subway tile

Christina Wedge

If you like the classic look of subway tiles but want to mix it up a little, consider placing the tiles in vertical rows instead of horizontal. The effect can help elongate the bathroom walls and create the illusion of higher ceilings, while keeping a neutral, traditional palette and style.

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Bathroom Subway Tile Ideas

Bathroom with contrasting color and subway tile

Emily Gilbert

With contrasting colors, even plain white subway tiles can have a dramatic effect in your bathroom. In this design, white tiles placed in the shower instantly stand out against black walls and a black ceiling, making the white even more brilliant and eye catching.

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Tiles for Glass Shower

Mixed bathroom tile

Paul Dyer

A major advantage of using subway tiles in your bathroom is that they’ll blend well with almost any design style or alternate type of tile. For example, this bathroom lines the shower with white subway tile to offset the back wall from the brown honeycomb tile lining the floor, ceiling, and built-in shelves.

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Large-Scale Bathroom Subway Tiles

Large bathroom subway tile

Marty Baldwin

If you want the look of subway tiles but want to modernize them a little, consider picking a larger-scale tile. The subway tiles in this bathroom pair well with the blue print floor, and also create an opportunity to add a row of tiny accent tiles in the center of the wall. Subway tiles are an affordable option for bathroom walls and surfaces, so using them for a majority of your tile application will yield a lower-cost project. But adding accent tiles can add a pop of color and pattern.

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Timeless Bathroom Tile

white subway tile bathroom clawfoot tub

Jay Wilde

The walls of this bathroom are clad in traditionally dimensioned and colored subway tiles. The room gets a signature look thanks to a slightly tinted grout, which helps provide a smooth shift between the crisp white tile and the bold black on the shutters. A switch to hexagon tile on the floor keeps the black and white color scheme going but contrasts classic running bond subway tiles.

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Subway Tile Shower Surround

White Subway Tile

Brie Williams

Inherently simple, subway tiles make a statement when applied en masse. The shower surround in this bathroom is clad in subway tiles and matching white grout, creating an uninterrupted plane of white. The reliable water resistance of properly installed tile also protects the walls of the shower from moisture damage.

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Shiplap and Subway Tile

Rustic farmhouse bathroom

Werner Straube

White subway tiles lead into white shiplap panels in this rustic farmhouse bathroom design. The size of the tiles and panels create contrast while drawing attention to the corner where the large wood vanity sits.

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Wood Backsplash Accents

Neutral bathroom vanity

Jean Allsopp

Break up a plain backsplash by adding wood trim. This idea for a white subway tile backsplash has an extra edge thanks to the thin wood pieces between rows of tiles, which also help tie in the warm tones used throughout the rest of the bathroom.

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Mixed Bathroom Subway Tile Ideas

Bathroom mixed subway tile

Michael Partenio

Extend rows of blue and white subway tiles into the shower to carry the design throughout the entire bathroom. The upper half of the shower walls switch to diamond-pattern white tiles, creating a bit of separation from the rest of the room and providing contrast to the blue and white stripes.

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Marble Subway Tile

elegant marble shower with white and grey accents
Brittany Ambridge

If you love the look of subway tile but want a more refined look, consider using marble subway tiles rather than ceramic or porcelain. In this opulent bathroom, marble subway tiles climb to the ceiling and are accented with a thick border tile. Instead of relying on a thick grout line to add visual interest, variegated veining in the tiles draws attention to the walls and gives the tile a softer look.

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Bathroom Ceiling Tile

A-frame shower

Tria Giovan

The A-frame shower in this bathroom takes centerstage, and lining it with white subway tiles allows the unique shape to shine. The neutral tiles don’t distract from the design of the shower, even while covering the walls and the sloped ceiling.

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White Bathroom Subway Tile Ideas

Bathroom subway and hexagon tile

Jay Wilde

Simple white subway tiles on this bathroom backsplash stand out from the black vanity and black and white hexagon tiles on the floor. A thin line of black tiles helps transition the subway tiles into larger white tiles that extend to the ceiling.

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Elegant Bathroom Tile

Large bathroom with marble pillar and subway tile

Emily Followill

For this elegant, large bathroom, white subway tiles as a neutral to offset the flashier elements in the room. With marbled floors, columns, and patterned tiles all fighting for the spotlight, white subway tiles along the ceiling and back wall of the shower help ground all the different elements.

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Subway Tile Bathtub

Bathtub subway tile

Kimberly Gavin

If your bathroom includes a separate shower and bathtub, use subway tiles to connect the two. This bathroom lines the outside of the tub, and a small portion of backsplash, with white subway tiles that are carried through the shower for a cohesive, classic look.

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Multicolor Subway Tiles

Multicolor bathroom subway tile

John Granen

Don’t limit yourself to just one color for subway tiles. This design blends white, blue, and shades of green to create an interesting, eye catching pattern. When paired with light blue walls and a darker wood vanity, the effect is a subtle tropical oasis.

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Blue Bathroom Tiles

Blue bathroom subway tile

Michael Partenio

Not all subway tiles have to be white, and by using two colors of tile, you can create your own patterned bathroom backsplash. Alternating rows of white and light blue subway tiles tie in with the patterned wallpaper used in this bathroom, and add an eye catching element to the design.

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Backsplash Subway Tile Ideas

Farmhouse style bathroom

Adam Albright

Create a classic look with a white subway tile backsplash lining the half the walls in your bathroom. Paired with pale pink walls, the overall effect is soft, calming, and a little rustic thanks to the wood cabinets.

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Striped Bathroom Tiles

Striped bathroom subway tile

Werner Segarra

Update subway tiles to create a modern pattern in your bathroom by choosing two colors, and lining the walls with alternating stripes. The navy and white tiles used in this design create a high contrast on the walls, which adds a graphic, modern look to the bathroom.

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White Tile Backsplash

kids bathroom wallpaper

Jay Wilde

The white subway tiles used in this bathroom help break up the large print from the wallpaper and add a neutral counterpoint. Black tiles separate the subway tiles from the wallpaper, helping to tie in the colors used in the patterned tile floors.

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