50 Cat Pictures That Will Make Your Day Better


British Short hair cat sleeping on couch with squashed face

Carlos G. Lopez/Getty Images

The world needs more cat pictures!

Which animals are the cutest animals in the world? We don’t know about you, but we think it’s nearly impossible to choose…though we’re willing to look through all the adorable animal photos we can get our hands on to try to find a definitive answer. (Hey, it’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it!) There are adorable puppy pictures and baby animal pictures that will make you melt, as well as photos of cute farm animals that also happen to be hilarious. But these cat pictures will make you rethink everything, especially when you see the cute kittens. These fluffy felines are living their best lives…and stealing our hearts in the process. Prepare to say, “Awwww!” more times than you can count with these pics that will instantly brighten your day.

Funny kittens

retales botijero/Getty Images

Purr-fect pineapples, anyone?

This duo of little feline pineapples is melting our hearts faster than a hot, tropical day. There’s just something about cats in costumes that’s totally irresistible, don’t you think?

Sleeping kittens in bowl

Sanna Pudas/Getty Images

Coffee, tea, or me?

Why, hello there! Just a furball in a bowl and arguably one of the cutest cat pictures you’ll ever see.

Close-Up Of Cat Lying On Floor

Eliana Halloun/Getty Images

Paws-itively snuggly

This little gray and white cutie is just waiting for you to smile back. Get in there, tiger!

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Photo by: Alessandro Manco

Alessandro Manco/Getty Images

Happy purr-thday!

Good things come in small packages…that are wrapped and unwrapped. Yep, this kitty may have made a mess, but that doesn’t bother us one bit!

Cat on a bed and feet of a person

Linda Raymond/Getty Images

I’m so fur-tunate to have you in my life

The snuggle is real! Is there a person on the planet who wouldn’t love having this adorable little guy as a foot warmer?

Surprise Kitty, Cute Black Cat Screaming

stocknroll/Getty Images

Just kitten around!

We’re not sure which animal joke we’re laughing about here, but it looks like a good one! That giant smile is a whole mood.

Cute girl holding kitten at the window

Oliver Rossi/Getty Images

It’s im-paws-ible to love you more

Seeing the love between human children and fur children is one of the best treats on Earth, and it looks like these two are best friends.

Close-Up Of A Cat

Atipati Netiniyom/Getty Images

Let me tell you a tail

Once upon a time, there was a meowy magical cat in a far-off kingdom. He loved looking at cat photos and reading up on catnip farming…

Yawning Cat

Rowan Freeman/Getty Images

You’re hiss-terical!

You always tell the best knock-knock jokes, Mom! But seriously, did you know cats have all the necessary facial muscles to produce real smiles?

Two Kittens sitting on balcony

Martin Deja/Getty Images

Do you want to get meow-ried?

These two have the kind of sweet, committed love that species of all kinds can cherish and respect.

Sad Kitten behind glass shower full of water drops

© nico piotto/Getty Images

Well, this is claw-ful

Poor kitty! Showers are definitely not feline-friendly. The only solution for this sad kitty is to cheer up with some hilarious cat memes.

Young woman scratching cat on sofa

Waitforlight/Getty Images

Best furr-iends forever

There’s no feeling lonely or blue with a cat around. They’re always there for furr-iendship and cuddles.

Dog and cat

Kimberlee Reimer/Getty Images

So furr-tunate to have each other

There’s nothing sweeter than some interspecies mingling, and this cat and dog duo is no exception. Here are another 20 animal friendships that will fill your heart with happiness.

kitten with fear of falling

Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/Getty Images

A cat-astrophe in progress

We hope this little guy lands on his legs because this daredevil stunt looks terrifying.

Meerkat Cat

Image by Chris Winsor/Getty Images

Hey, you look fur-miliar

I’ve seen you around here, haven’t I? Or did you just show up to take some cute cat pictures of me?

Sad looking kitten trying to climb over a wire fence

vasiliki/Getty Images

Feline sad

Can someone get me out of here? I’m ready to tackle balls of yarn again. I won’t pee on the rug again—I promise!

Peek a Boo!

SolStock/Getty Images

Totally litter-ate

What, you didn’t know that cats love books? While they probably can’t read, they do encourage cozy reading habits, and that’s good enough for us.

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A cat and a bunch of fresh lilac in a vase in rustic style

Strawberry Mood Photography/Getty Images

Purr-ple is a cat’s favorite color

Well, obviously it would be. None of the other colors involve cat sounds.

Toddler girl and grey cat sleeping on bed, top view

Westend61/Getty Images

Paw-jama party

Throw on your snuggliest paw-jamas and let’s get this cat-nap party started! It’ll be purr-fect, and ripe with opportunities for clever cat puns and cute cat pictures.

Portrait of a funny cat in a police hat and tie.

Osobystist/Getty Images

Paw enforcement at your service

Someone needs to call the sheriff because this furry crime fighter just stole our hearts!

Woman drinking martini with cat

Elena Nikolaeva/Getty Images

A meow-tini for me?

If meow-tini cat photos don’t make you smile, we don’t know what will, because this furball looks like the best drinking buddy of all time.

Calico cat standing up on hind legs, begging, picking, asking food in living room, doing trick with front paw, claws with woman hand holding treat, meat

ablokhin/Getty Images

Pretty paw-some!

It’s pretty impressive when a cat tries to stand on two legs. This one definitely deserves the treat. By the way, did you know that you can train your cat to do these five life-changing things?

Kitten playing in a cardboard box

Sally Anscombe/Getty Images

Can you paw-lease send me on a vacation?

C’mon, I’m ready to go! Just stick a shipping label on me and send me off to Grandma’s! Or at least get me some new treats. Maybe that’s easier?

Scottish fold playing

Nico De Pasquale Photography/Getty Images

Wait a meow-ment—are you taking my picture?

The best cat pictures are the ones they don’t see coming! This fluff ball’s look of surprise is priceless.

You've got to be kitten me!

Sabina Torres/Getty Images

Another bath? Fur-real?

Cute cat pictures can even include scowls, like the one on this fairly annoyed feline. We get it: Baths are definitely not the cat’s meow. In case you were wondering, this is why cats hate water.

A cat in bathtub

Waitforlight/Getty Images

Speaking of baths…

This guy is pretty upset about his spa session and would definitely like to speak with a manager.

Two Ragdoll Cats Hugging and Snuggling

Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

I love you the meowst

Every pot has a cover, and these two seem purr-fectly joined in their afternoon cuddles.

Cat on a booth in a Restaurant

Dave G Kelly/Getty Images

Take meowt for dinner, please

She’ll have the tuna carpaccio to start, and a salmon filet for her main, thanks. Please don’t overcook them—medium-rare preferred.

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Cat on bed

Image by Chris Winsor/Getty Images

She’s slept here be-fur

Let’s be honest with ourselves: She rules this roost, and the bed is just as much her place to sleep as anyone else’s.

Close-Up Of Cat

Anke Wittkowski/Getty Images

I’ve got cattitude

What’s it to you? You focus on your own fish; I’ll focus on mine.

Young man exercise with cat on his back

Stephen Simpson/Getty Images

So cathletic!

The not-so-scientific truth is that cats are natural yoga-pose masters and probably owe at least a few of their lives to all their stretching.

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Asian woman doing squat while holding her cat

Kilito Chan/Getty Images

Caturday afternoon wellness

Thought we were kidding about cats being natural yogis? We weren’t, and this furry feline looks like she’s the world’s best yoga student.

Lovely kitten on sleeping

Waitforlight/Getty Images

The cutest little face eh-fur

Are you feeling extra cuddly after all these cute cat pictures? If not, you will after seeing this little guy! We don’t know about you, but we’re totally ready to curl up with a cozy blanket and a sweet kitty.

Angry cat

101cats/Getty Images

Don’t be such a sourpuss!

Hey, cats are people, too. Well, not exactly, but they can get pretty angry if you’re not open to sharing your lunch. Sometimes it’s hard to tell, but here are the telltale signs you have a happy cat.

little bite,

101cats/Getty Images

Fur-ever friendly

This odd couple is making it work, and they’re adorable. They’re obviously going to be BFFs—best friends fur-ever. Here are more adorably funny cat and dog photos you’ll instantly love.

Bengal Cat wearing a Platinum Blonde Wig

GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

A true glamour-puss

Why aren’t cats in wigs a whole subgenre of required children’s reading? Heck, they should be required reading for adults, too, because this is worthy of more than a few chuckles.

British Short hair cat sleeping on couch with squashed face

Carlos G. Lopez/Getty Images

Feline fine!

So fine that a cat nap or two is in order. And if you don’t mind, this part of the sofa is reserved.

Fat Red Cat

Maria Fedotova/Getty Images

Cats off to you, snuggly one

This chunky cat seems to be making the most of a soft Persian rug and some downtime, and we can’t say we disagree with the sentiment. She does look a little surprised by the camera, though.

A cat sleeping on a massage table while taking spa treatments

Olya Smolyak/Getty Images

Time to be pam-purred

I’m ready for all the home spa products, catnip, and longer-than-usual naps. Who can I talk to about a massage upgrade?

Packing for Travel. Cat in a Suitcase.

Cyndi Monaghan/Getty Images

Ready for va-cat-tion!

Where are we going? I’m up for anywhere you want to go. I just hope they have a sushi restaurant in the hotel.

Kitten Laying On Newspaper

GK Hart/Vikki Hart/Getty Images

Just reading the pay-purr

Extra! Extra! Read all about this ridiculous cuteness!

Smiling young woman with cat in workshop

ljubaphoto/Getty Images

Here to help with important purr-chases

All of your customer-service needs can be met with furr-iendly felines, it seems. This one deserves a promotion for promoting customer spirit…or something like that.

cash~ rich ~ Maneki-neko

Yu Cheng Chen/Getty Images

An unbeatable op-purr-tunity

You’ll want to get in on this feline deal from the ground up because the op-purr-tunity is just too good to miss.

An orange cat wrapped with a pillow like a taco.

Eri Morita/Getty Images

A purr-ito

This roll-up is what’s known as a cat purr-ito, one of the easiest cute cat pictures to recreate at home with your own feline best friend—and universally social media–worthy.

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Portrait of Sphynx cat on table wearing pink pullover and funny glasses

Westend61/Getty Images

This is considered haute cat-ture

It’s fashion. Look it up, OK? And yes, this does come with coordinating shoes and a color-blocked purse.

Ginger cat, studio shot

John Lund/Getty Images

Meowtrage of extra high levels

She’s not just going to sit there and take this food change. She wants the old, fancier stuff back in a jiffy, and she’ll be leaving a negative Yelp review when she’s done. In case you were wondering, this is the very best diet for cats, according to vets.

Smiling cat

Fernando Trabanco Fotografía/Getty Images

Such a purrty smile!

Now this is a happy cat. We can only wonder what sparked the mood. A head rub? Catching a critter? Scoring a meatball from Mom’s plate?

Cute Newborn Kitten Sleeping in Warm Blanket

Kryssia Campos/Getty Images

Pro-cat-ination is fine if it involves sleep

At least that’s the official cat position on the matter, anyway. This tiny kitten is totally playing by all the cat-nap rules and regulations.

Domestic cat playing piano

Linda Raymond/Getty Images

Make mewsic

Cats are the ultimate patrons of the arts, it seems, as well as creative types themselves. This picture is pretty clear proof of that. Next, check out these funny dog photos. Trust us—you need to see them!

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