8 Entryway Décor Ideas That Make a Great First Impression

By Wendy Rose Gould
Wendy Rose Gould
8 Entryway Décor Ideas for Your Home
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Add a Console Table With a Catchall Tray

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Consoles help visually define your entryway while doubling as a functional piece of furniture that holds keys, purses, and other items you need to set down as you or guests walk inside. Interior designer Hema Persad says to mix your materials. “For example, if you choose a wood console, then opt for a brass or stone tray or bowl,” she says. “If the console is marble or steel, a wood bowl would be great. You don’t want everything to look like you bought it as a set.”

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Incorporate a Table Lamp

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Whether you have built-in counters or have incorporated a console, a table lamp is a clever way to infuse warm light and create a welcoming feeling.

“The entryway can sometimes be dark and hidden away from natural light,” says interior designer Emma Beryl. “Introducing a table lamp will help brighten up the space, fill the entryway table, and look good all at the same time. It is also always a good idea to have different layers of lighting in a space to be able to enhance the mood.”

Consider the scale when selecting a table lamp. Beryl says you want entryway table objects to vary in height. For instance, if you have two stacked books and a catchall dish, choose a lamp with some height. Or if you have tall candlesticks or a tall and narrow vase, choose a small lamp with a stout base.

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Add a Stool or Bench

Entryway with bench

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Having a place to sit is very handy in a home’s front entrance. It offers a place to remove or put on shoes, and doubles as an area to set belongings as people come and go. But scale matters in this context, too: “Choose a stool that works with the size of the entryway,” Beryl says. “If your entryway is a larger vestibule, you can use one or two stools or even a bench that can be tucked under a console table when it’s not being used.”

Consider playing with a fun material or shape for a burst of character. Whatever you choose, make sure you really like it since this is a piece you’ll see every time you leave or enter your home.

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Utilize Clever Storage Solutions

Shelving for entryway storage

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Along with a bench and console table, brainstorm additional ways to incorporate clever storage solutions into your entryway décor ideas. Hamwey recommends selecting a combination of open and closed storage; that way, you can display or access everyday items and hide other items as needed. 

“While traditional baskets will add an interesting texture, you could incorporate other materials such as leather or metal storage bins to create visual interest,” Hamwey says. “If you hate to see visual [mess], consider built-in cabinets or shelving for smaller (seasonal) items like hats, mittens, and scarves.”

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Hang a Beautiful Mirror

Mirror in entryway


A mirror is the perfect entryway décor idea because it serves two purposes. First, it helps the area feel larger and brighter—especially if it’s positioned in a way to reflect natural light—and second, it offers you a chance to check your appearance before you walk out the door. “When you choose a mirror, make sure that you consider what other objects are in the space,” says Beryl. “If you have a console table underneath the mirror, make sure you choose a mirror in a size that works with the table.”

Basically, you don’t want the mirror to feel too small or large for the room—and be sure to pick one that matches your interior aesthetic.

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Introduce a Pop of Color

Bold blue in entryway

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To bring interest or drama to the space, Hamwey recommends adding playful details in the entryway that you may not use in other parts of the home, such as an unexpected paint color or a bold wallpaper. “There could be a fun opportunity to showcase color and pattern that speaks to your personal style,” she says. “Select a paint color or wallpaper that you enjoy, as these elements will boost your mood and influence the overall aesthetic of your home.”

It doesn’t have to be bold or busy, either. Even a muted paint color, subtle texture, or faintly patterned wallpaper can change the entire feeling of your entryway.

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Add a Bold Rug

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Another way to incorporate some color or texture is with a rug. When placed right near the front door (think an oversize mat), it can serve as a place to wipe off shoes—which is why Persad recommends a dark or multicolored iteration that hides dirt well. 

Depending on your entryway’s size, you can also lay down another rug—try a runner for narrow entryways or a square, rectangle, or oval for wider spaces. Generally speaking, steer clear of white or non-durable materials that won’t last long since this area receives a lot of traffic.

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Accessorize Your Entryway Like the Rest of Your Home

Accessorize front entry with decor

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Start treating your entryway like you would the rest of your home—and stop considering it a completely separate area. The goal is to create a seamless transition from the vestibule to your main living space, so the décor present here really matters. “Incorporate items like a piece of art, oversized throw pillows, and practical décor,” Hamwey says. “An entry table or console can be accessorized with functional décor such as decorative bowl to hold keys, a basket for mail, and a lovely vase of fresh florals. Lighting is an important element in the space. Whether it’s a pendant, sconces, or table lamp, the warm glow creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere.”

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