A total of 32 ideas for arranging a small garden in various corners, adding green space beautiful variety of styles


Who has an empty space next to the house, even a small space? It can be arranged into a garden in a variety of styles to be used as a relaxing corner. So we have gathered some small gardening ideas. A variety of styles for friends Viewed as an idea

front garden Small space but beautifully arranged and eye-catching.

decorative potted plants Either placed on the floor, hung or decorated on a chic shelf.

mix of varieties

Tropical style rock garden

Decorate green plants with rock gardens and artificial grass.

Garden next to the house with plants that are not difficult to find. and inexpensive

Lush like living in the middle of the forest

wall corner garden

beautiful tree

Garden inside the house. Sit and look and enjoy all day.

Low shrub, fresh and simple.

Easy to decorate with potted plants. You can adjust it as you like.

front garden Enhance the house to look outstanding.

A small shrub with bright colors of flowers.

small rock garden

tropical plants Make your garden beautiful

Don’t let the neighbors be empty and useless. Increase the green area

forest garden beside the house

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