Check Out Valspar’s Color Of The Year 2024

By Rebecca Angel Baer
Rebecca Angel Baer
Check Out Valspar’s Color Of The Year 2024

It’s hard to believe but we are nearing the end of the year. The pumpkin spice is already hitting the shelves, kids are back in school, and it’s the time of year where color experts and home decor professionals are making predictions for trends in design for next year. Today, for the 15th time, paint and coatings brand Valspar is naming their Color of the Year. For 2024, the honor goes to Renew Blue (8003-37D), which the brand describes as “a balanced blue with a touch of grayed sea-green that focuses on wellness and comfort.” 

Sue Kim, Valspar Director of Color Marketing told Southern Living, “The inspiration is rooted in nature and wellness which can be achieved to help alleviate the anxiety in life. Complexity is the norm, but color inspiration doesn’t need to be the next challenge to overcome.​ Renew Blue is a comforting color that pulls inspirations from fog, mist, clouds and glacier lakes, and offers a soothing environment with nature’s touch inside the home, elevating the everyday mood.”

This calming, cool blue is the perfect color to refresh just about any space in any room or even on the exterior of your home. “Blue is a classic shade that has become the new neutral for today’s home and can be mixed and matched to fit a variety of design styles and applications,” Kim said. 

Valspar Color of the Year Exterior


“Not only does it pair well with neutral tones and natural elements like wood to create a calming, nature-inspired wabi-sabi feel, but Renew Blue can also be mixed and matched with warm and cool vintage metallic finishes, or brought to the forefront through color drenching to be the focal point of any room in the home. Renew Blue’s versatility allows for neutrality, or whimsy, depending on preference and style.”

Valspar Color of the Year Bathroom


Kim also has suggestions from the Valspar vast color palette when choosing what to pair with this shade.  “The choice should be intentional, like an accent wall, wainscoting or stylized ceiling colors. We recommend neutrals like Valspar Perfect Backdrop (8005-8B) to balance the cool tones of Renew Blue. Layering in pale tints like Dusk in the Valley (8004-3B) with Renew Blue helps to create a soothing and relaxing space. Additionally, a striking neutral shade like Forge (8004-48F) allows for an immersive contrast when paired with the airiness of Renew Blue.

 The Valspar 2024 Color of the Year is available now exclusively at Lowe’s stores nationwide on and the Lowe’s mobile app. Time to plan that home renovation project.

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