Don’t Miss These Simple Ways to Make the Most of a Small Screened-In Porch

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Sarah Lyon
28 Small Screened-In Porch Ideas That’ll Maximize Your Space
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Use Folding Furniture

screen porch with florals

@karenkeysar / Instagram

Instead of purchasing a regular side table, consider styling your screened-in porch with a folding table like this one. It can easily be tucked away if you need to free up space for additional visitors.

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Make It Rustic

hanging chair

@madebymolliesmom / Instagram

Give your screened-in porch a rustic touch with a faux mantel. Search thrift stores and secondhand furniture shops for shabby chic pieces like this one.

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Lay Down a Rug

small screenedp orch with chair

@graceinthisspaceinteriors / Instagram

Lay down a decorative rug on the screened-in porch, just like you would indoors. This is an easy way to incorporate color into the space. Select an indoor or outdoor pick for easy maintenance.

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Opt for a Dining Bench

screened porch with dining bench

@faith.and.farmhouse / Instagram

To accommodate a greater number of people on a small screened-in porch, consider introducing a dining bench to the mix. This one can easily hold three to four people.

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Replicate Your Living Room

outdoor living room

@farmhouse1873 / Instagram

Design your screened-in porch as a true outdoor living room. Bring in a table lamp, throw pillows, and wall art to create a space that feels well-curated and stylish.

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Say Yes to Storage

storage hutch on porch

@stonecottage2250 / Instagram

A rustic-style hutch will look right at home on the screened-in porch and provides lots of valuable storage for decorative and functional items alike. Paint yours a cheerful color for some added charm.

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Get Clever With Decor

hanging baskets above table

@stonecottage2250 / Instagram

On this screened-in porch, wicker baskets double as art, adding a country cottage touch to this space. Think outside the box a bit when it comes to decor; there are so many clever possibilities.

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Pick Practical Pieces

screen porch with side tables

@ahousewren / Instagram

Chairs with removable covers are great for the screened-in porch—if the fabric gets damaged from the elements, you can simply place the cover in your washing machine to revive your seating instantly.

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Make Use of a Coffee Table

screen porch with coffee table

@ahousewren / Instagram

Adding a coffee table to your screened-in porch will come in handy if you plan to eat some of your meals out there but do not have space for a separate table. Additionally, this piece makes for a great serving station if you’re hosting people for drinks or appetizers.

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Bring Out a Daybed

screen porch with daybed

@wellnestedhome / Instagram

Why not enjoy the best of both worlds with a daybed? This versatile furniture piece serves as a sofa when friends stop by but provides a nice place to lounge and enjoy some shut-eye on lazy weekend afternoons.

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Cozy Up With a TV Show

screen porch with tv

@thetreasuredtreehouse / Instagram

If you like the idea of watching TV and movies from the comfort of your screened-in porch, you can always install a television, as seen here. Movie night just got way cozier.

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Have Fun With Paint

screen porch with yellow door

@waterfallcottagelookoutmtn / Instagram

To add some fun to your screened-in porch, paint the door leading back into your house in a peppy hue, like this bright yellow. Now is a great time to experiment with a color you’ve always been wanting to use indoors but have been nervous to try out.

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Purchase a Bistro Table

small bistro table

@pinegroveliving / Instagram

Don’t underestimate the power of a small bistro table on the screened-in porch. It provides you with somewhere to eat, sip coffee, work on a laptop, and read—don’t fret if you can’t fit a larger dining table in your space.

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Choose a Dazzling Light Fixture

decorative light fixture

@cynthiafergusondesigns / Instagram

Replacing a builder-grade light fixture with something more decorative and on-trend will transform your screened-in porch in an instant. Here, a beautiful rattan fixture instantly makes a statement.

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Make a Splash With Art

framed art on porch

@ellebeelovely / Instagram

Treat your screened-in porch like any other room of the home and display some art on the walls. You can adhere frames using Command strips or stick-on hooks if nails are not an option.

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Shop Your Own Home

woven basket on wall

@wholeheartedfarmhouse / Instagram

Alternatively, hang a woven basket on the wall for a bit of rustic flair. You may be able to shop your home to find the perfect accessory.

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Brighten Your Porch With a Sconce

sconce on porch

@yondinteriors / Instagram

Installing a sconce on the porch will come in handy as you sit there to read or sip tea in the evenings. With so many styles of sconces to choose from, you should have no problem sourcing one that complements your existing aesthetic.

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Style a Console Table

console table on porch

@cameronjonesinteriors / Instagram

console table with two lamps instantly warms up this screened in porch and brings the indoors out. Take a cue from your living room arrangement and think about what you can replicate on the porch.

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Pick Your Priorities

large dining table on porch

@wendymaurodesign / Instagram

If you plan to mainly use your screened-in porch for dining, it may be worth forgoing other types of furniture in order to select the largest table and chair setup possible. This porch has plenty of space for the entire family to sit and eat together.

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Think Double Duty

storage bench as coffee table

@kitchendoordiaries / Instagram

Let your furniture serve double duty when possible. This wicker storage bench doubles as a chic coffee table on this screened-in porch.

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Don’t Forget a Tray

entertaining setup on porch

@margaretofyork /Instagram

If you like to entertain often, be sure to keep a tray on your screened-in porch; this will come in handy as you gather food and drinks from the kitchen and bring them outside for your guests to enjoy.

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Layer Rugs for a Cozy Touch

layered rugs on porch

@cottagestyle / Instagram

Note that you can layer rugs on your screened-in porch the same way you might in the living room. Layering always makes a room feel more cozy and collected.

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Plug in Some String Lights

string lights on porch

@jennywrendesign / Instagram

If you plan to relax and socialize on your screened in porch at night, string lights are a must. They add instant ambiance and energy to any outdoor space.

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Use a Dresser for Storage

white dresser on porch

On Sutton Place

Dressers aren’t just for bedrooms anymore. If you’re in need of a storage solution on the screened in porch, consider placing a small chest out there. The drawers will be excellent for housing all kinds of supplies: gardening tools, candles, and so much more.

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Relax on a Porch Swing

porch swing

Worthing Court

If your screened-in porch is spacious enough, consider installing a porch swing. Everyone in the family will enjoy being able to read and lounge on this piece of furniture.

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Replace Unsightly Flooring

artistic porch tile

@sarahlyon9 / Instagram

If you’re not pleased with your screened-in porch’s flooring, note that you can always incorporate some new tile to make your space feel more custom. Here, geometric gray and white tile adds plenty of intrigue to this small porch.

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Bring in Some Wicker

wicker furnishings on porch

@ournoonhillhome / Instagram

Note that wicker furniture is often an excellent pick for smaller porches, given that it is often more compact in size—and, of course, is full of charm.

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Go Green With Fake Plants

fake plants on porch

@sarahlyon9 / Instagram

If you like the look of plants on your screened-in porch all year long but worry about being able to care for live plants, consider decorating with some faux options. There are so many realistic-looking fake plants of all kinds on the market these days; no one will be able to tell the difference!

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