Our Favorite Blue Bedroom Ideas for a Relaxing Retreat

By Maria Sabella
Maria Sabella
Our Favorite Blue Bedroom Color Schemes
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Light-Blue Bedrooms

blue white bedroom bookshelf ladder
Brie Williams

Light-blue walls are a great way to create a crisp and clean look in a bedroom. They add just enough color without being overpowering, and create a serene atmosphere. Continue the blue color scheme throughout the space with patterned curtains, blue-and-white bedding, and artwork. Pairing light-blue elements with neutrals, such as this room’s textured bamboo window shades and cream upholstered headboard, helps create balance and a layered look.

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Blue Bedroom Accents

modern muted blue white taupe bedroom velvet pillows sconces
Julie Soefer

If you don’t want to paint your bedroom walls blue, a great way to add color is through window treatments. The deep teal window panels and valance in this primary bedroom add an element of sophisticated drama to an otherwise neutral room, and draw the eyes up to create a sense of height. The matching blue velvet throw pillows add a luxurious accent to the bed and make the space feel polished.

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Blue and Orange Bedroom

modern red white blue graphic bedroom nautical style platform bed
Dana Gallagher

Use deep navy and saturated orange for a colorful yet elegant bedroom color scheme. Blue and orange are complementary colors directly opposite one another on the color wheel, so they’ll always look great together. Don’t be afraid to feature two bold colors in the same room—just use them sparingly and mix them with calming, textured neutrals for balance.

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Blue and White Bedroom

modern bedroom navy blue accents ottomans pink blush pillow
Nathan Schroder

In this mostly white bedroom, blue accents contribute just enough color to add interest, while keeping the space light and airy. Indigo throw pillows and square poufs bring a splash of color and pattern and a seagrass rug helps ground the room with natural texture. A beaded chandelier lends the room feela more spacious feel by drawing the eyes toward the ceiling.

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Traditional Blue Bedroom

blue bedroom wallpaper headboard
Annie Schlechter

A blue and white bedroom will always be a classic. Patterned wallpaper sets the scene for the statement piece in this room—a tall royal blue upholstered headboard. A matching blue bed skirt helps frame the bed, and crisp white bedding brightens up the room, adding an elegant finishing touch.

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Cool Blue Accents

glam blue bedroom window seat pendant
Emily Followill

Create a serene retreat with cool grays, soft whites, and muted blues. The soft colors and tone-on-tone look give this room an elevated, hotel-like elegance. The striped blue comforter and patterned throw pillows add subtle contrast, while a fluffy white bench and sculptural pendant light bring in texture. A light wood nightstand adds warmth to the cool tones.

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Bedroom with Blue Ceiling

blue bedroom with painted ceiling
Josh Grubbs

A blue wallpapered ceiling is an unexpected touch that gives this bedroom a moody, dramatic quality. The deep teal walls and striking crystal chandelier reinforce the sense of drama, as does the stark contrast of the crisp white bedding. When using bold colors, textural elements ,such as bamboo window shades or a soft faux fur throw, are a great way to bring in some warmth and tone down strong colors.

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Rustic Blue-and-White Bedroom

blue white cottage bedroom landscape art
Jason Donnelly

Accent pillows and throw blankets are perfect for incorporating color in small doses. Rustic wood elements, a landscape painting, and a shiplap-covered wall make this mostly white bedroom feel warm and cozy. Floor-length curtain panels help break up the saturated blue accent wall.

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Eclectic Blue Bedroom

maximalist eclectic bold blue bedroom four-poster bed
Annie Schlechter

Sometimes more is more, as this eclectic blue bedroom demonstrates. Layers of pattern, color, and textures create a lived-in, collected look. Various shades of blue are used throughout, on walls, an area rug, furniture, and accents. Pops of pink on the rug and throw pillows brighten up the space and addsa bit of whimsy.

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Nature-Inspired Bedroom with Blue Accents

minimalist boho bedroom natural accents white walls baskets
Edmund Barr

You don’t have to paint walls to achieve a blue bedroom. Sometimes, a subtle pop of color in the form of throw pillows, a blanket, or a patterned area rug is enough to completely transform a room. Paired with a wood bed frame and nightstand, hanging baskets, and solid white walls and bedding, the blue accents add a calming layer without interfering with the neutral look.

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Colorful Blue Bedroom

dark blue guest bedroom with moroccan-inspired colorful decor
Kim Cornelison

Deep teal walls paired with mustard yellow, bright pink, and crisp white give this bedroom a playful feel. The white bedding, nightstand, and pouf cut through the saturated colors and create stark contrast. A wicker chair tones down the bold colors and adds a natural element to this boho-style bedroom.

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Bedroom with Blue Accents

white blue graphic bedroom sunburst mirror
Jay Wilde

One way to carry a color scheme throughout a room is with pattern. Shades of blue in this traditional bedroom appear on the striped lampshade, patterned throw pillows, and nightstand artwork. The solid blue area rug helps anchor the space and contrasts with the white walls and bedding.

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Elegant Blue Bedroom

dormer bedroom navy blue wall rug grasscloth wall
Christina Schmidhofer

Navy blue and white are a timeless color combination. Dark navy grasscloth wallpaper forms a dramatic backdrop for this tufted upholstered headboard and allows it to stand out as the focal point of the bedroom. A large-scale floral-print area rug helps break up the solid walls while continuing the blue color scheme.

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Dark Blue Bedroom

bedroom with dark blue walls
Adam Albright

Deep royal-blue walls form the perfect backdrop for an eclectic collection of art, furniture, and decor in this moody bedroom. Gilded frames and white lampshades pop against the dark walls. White bedding and colorful throw pillows break up the saturated colors, they also tie in the white lampshades on the cabinets flanking the bed. If you don’t have space for a formal nightstand, consider using a tray table, like this acrylic and brass version.

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Blue, Gray, and Brown Bedroom

neutral bedroom abstract art blue pillows
Cody Ulrich

Mixing gray and brown used to be a design faux pas, but layering the two colors creates a sophisticated look. This neutral bedroom expertly pulls off this color combination, along with a subtle pop of light blue on the pillows.

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Neutral Bedroom with Blue Accents

white bedroom arched ceiling fireplace fiddle leaf fig bench
Edmund Barr

Instead of painting your walls blue, consider covering your floor with a large blue area rug. It’s a great way to add a big splash of color without any DIY work. Blue accents, including lamps and a textured throw blanket, reinforce the color scheme and pull the look together.

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Serene Blue Bedroom

country chic white blue bedroom beams
Edmund Barr

For a soothing, stress-free bedroom, use a soft color palette of whites, creams, and blues. The white upholstered bed, ruffled comforter, and pale blue pillows in this bedroom contrast with rustic exposed wood beams and rich tiled floors. White walls open up the room and help it feel spacious, while allowing architectural features and soft blue accents to stand out.

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Statement Blue Bed

bedroom with blue and white bedding
David Greer

A solid blue headboard enlivens white walls in this bedroom. Varying shades of blue pair with the vibrant green of a fiddle leaf fig tree and cozy textured browns in a jute rug and baskets to create a nature-inspired atmosphere. When styling shelves, incorporate colors used throughout the room to make the space cohesive.

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Bedroom with Teal Walls

teal blue modern bedroom arched ceiling
Edmund Barr

When using a saturated wall color like the deep blue in this bedroom, use plenty of white accents to brighten the space. The clean lines and stark contrast between the white accents and dark walls create a clean, refreshing look. A mirror above the bed helps bounce light around.

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White Bedroom with Blue Dresser

white neutral bedroom blue-green nightstand
Joseph Keller

If you’re not ready to commit to blue walls, add the color in a smaller dose with an accent piece. The sky-blue dresser in this all-white bedroom doubles as a nightstand and adds a touch of personality to the space. Hardwood floors and a wood lamp add warmth and balance the crisp white walls and bedding.

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Peacock-Blue Bedroom

blue pink bedroom geometric wall panels brass poster bed
Jay Wilde

decorative paneled wall painted in a saturated peacock blue is the star of the show in this bedroom. The accent wall adds dimension, character, and visual interest. The grand four-poster brass bed adds a touch of glam and creates a striking contrast to the deep blue walls, ceiling, and trim. Shades of dusty pink in the tufted headboard, throw pillows, beaded chandelier, and flower vase add a sweet softness to the bedroom.

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Blue Bedroom Accessories

pale blue green country bedroom paneling
Abby Murphy

Paneled walls, a slate-blue headboard and coastal artwork give this bedroom an elevated beach look. The white-washed paneling creates a neutral backdrop for the different shades of blue used in the room, including a navy bed skirt and turquoise throw blanket. The blue hues are reminiscent of water, and are repeated in the painting on the wall, which ties the space together.

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Layered Blue Bedroom

blue white bedroom geometrical rug
Jonathan Mark Denby

This blue bedroom is the ultimate example of how to layer colors, patterns, and textures. A blue and pink area rug placed on top of a larger neutral rug makes the room feel cozy and inviting. Various patterns on the office chair, lampshade, and throw pillows creates an eclectic look. Cream curtain panels and a stunning tufted headboard add height and draw attention to the crystal chandelier overhead.

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Navy Blue Bedroom

bold blue mixed patterns bedroom paisley geometric lines wallpaper chevron
Werner Straube

For a more formal look, turn to navy blue. Dark trim on the walls and ceiling set the scene for patterned wallpaper and a navy blue upholstered headboard. A mix of chevron throw pillows and an embroidered blanket break up the solid upholstery and introduce both geometric and organic patterns. For visual balance, cool gray carpeting helps tone down the bold colors and contrast.

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Vibrant Blue Bedroom Furnishings

Blue and white themed bedroom with star light
Greg Scheidemann

This colorful bedroom starts with a peacock-blue floor rug and builds on the color scheme with layers of turquoise. A plush armchair brings in the lighter tones of the rug, and bed linens continue the color scheme. Muted blue walls give the space a serene finishing touch.

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Sky-Blue Tones

bedroom with gray and blue color scheme
Jim Franco

This blue bedroom color scheme brings comfort with gray and green undertones. Robin’s egg blue graces the lofted ceiling, and turquoise hues bring life to gray-blue bedding. A navy headboard and accent pillows ground the light-blue color scheme.

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