Planting in the wheelbarrow: 20 Amazing ideas with flowers, herbs, and ornamental plants

Do you have an old broken garden wheelbarrow? Do not throw it away! We will give you many ideas on how to properly plant in a rusty and broken wheelbarrow. Create an herb garden, create a wonderful composition with summer flowers or set the tones with perennial ornamental foliage.

Summer, sun, and blooming flowers in the garden: this is the dream of every amateur gardener. In your own garden paradise, of course, the right decoration should not be missing. A wooden wheelbarrow full of summer flowers creates a real feeling of a country house and combines very harmoniously with nature and the garden of the farm. To make it stand out even more, you can paint it with a color that will highlight it. Alternatively, you can leave the old wheelbarrow unmaintained. Over time, a light rust patina will develop, which will highlight the rustic look of the garden even better.

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